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Coalition for a World Security Community of Democracies


Director: Chris Hamer

Associate Professor Chris Hamer is the founder of the World Citizens Association (Australia), and author of “A Global Parliament: Principles of World Federation” (Amazon)



This is a coalition of non-government organizations, seeking to promote the idea of a world community of democratic nations, as the next step forwards towards democratic global governance.Our aim is to build up a coalition of like-minded non-government organizations to promote and pursue this agenda.

A World Security Community (WSC) of Democratic Nations could be the starting point for an eventual democratic world federation, following an evolutionary path like that of the European Union. Europe was “not built all at once, or according to a single plan”, as the Schuman Declaration puts it. It evolved from the nucleus of the European Coal and Steel Community, founded by a smaller group, ‘the Six’, according to the ideas of Jean Monnet. We need to find a way of emulating this evolutionary process for the world community. A treaty forming a World Security Community of democratic nations might be the way to go, and could encompass for instance both NATO and the OECD.

US President Joe Biden has convened a Summit for Democracy ongoing process, where the first steps towards such a Community might be taken.

We have formed a Coalition for a World Security Community of Democratic Nations to gather support for these ideas. Read more.

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