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Institute Officers

Zeny Portrait photo.jpg

Dr Zeny Edwards OAM


Zeny Edwards is an architectural historian, award-winning biographer and cultural heritage advocate. Zeny served in various lead roles: as president of the National Trust of Australia (NSW); chair of UN Women Australia (NSW),  trustee of Women’s Plans Foundation, and vice-president of World Citizens Association of Australia. She was a committee member of the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project (ACT) and joined the United Nations Association of Australia in 2013 and retired her position as Director of the UNAA Peace Program in 2018. She is currently the president of the Australian Council for Human Rights Education. Zeny is committed to serving the community and the preservation of heritage, which formed the basis of her citation for the Order of Australia Medal Award

Keith Suter.jpg

Dr Keith Suter

Acting Vice-president

Keith Suter is considered to be one of Australia’s most influential Global futurists and media commentators in national and foreign affairs. He has also held many strategic leadership roles. He is an experienced, professional and awarded presenter renowned for explaining complex global and business issues in a way his audiences can digest and understand. 

With three Doctorates, Keith has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations (Consulting on Emerging Trends, Strategic leadership, Business Disruption, Global Affairs, and Organisational Transformation), helping his clients drive strategic innovation and help organizations retool their management practices delivering real breakthroughs. His ideas and work have been recognised globally, as a world leader in identifying and strategically shaping business and organisations through innovation and leadership. He has been appointed to many prestigious roles throughout his career, including Chairperson of the International Humanitarian Law Committee of Australian Red Cross (NSW), Chairperson of the International Commission of Jurists (NSW), Director of Studies at the International Law Association (Australian Branch) and Managing Director of the Global Directions think tank. 

Keith was a member of the prestigious Club of Rome since 1993. The Club is “an informal association of independent leading personalities from politics, business and science, men and women who are long-term thinkers interested in contributing in a systemic interdisciplinary and holistic manner to a better world. 

Dr Daryl Le Cornu

Daryl Le Cornu is currently a history curriculum lecturer at the Australian Catholic University. He has had many years experience teaching history and legal studies in state schools in New South Wales. His last position in the NSW Department of Education was as the Senior Curriculum Officer for History at the Curriculum Directorate (2011-2102). As a high school teacher Daryl was a passionate support of student-led human rights groups. Daryl is an author of the Cambridge Legal Studies textbooks for the Preliminary and the HSC courses. His main areas of interest are peace groups in WW1, contemporary history, human rights, international law, world order, global governance and geopolitics. He is committed to teaching high school students about the United Nations and assisting them to understand current global issues.
Chris Hamer.jpg

Associate Professor Christopher Hamer


Chris Hamer is a Visiting Associate Professor in the School of Physics, University of New South Wales. He was formerly active in Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA), now Scientists for Global Responsibility. He is the founder and President of the World Citizens Association of Australia. He teaches a general studies course on "Nuclear Arms and Common Security", and has written a book on the topic of ‘A Global Parliament: Principles of World Federation’ (available through Amazon).


Luiz Fernando Pereira Bispo


Luiz Bispo has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Torrens University Australia. He is a member of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and the Coalition for a World Security Community of democratic nations (CWSC). In 2014, he was awarded with a full scholarship to study at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and study social, political and environmental science related subjects. He was also awarded with the "2014 Hidden Eco-Hero" by Samsung Engineering in partnership with the U.N. Environment. Luiz started to be involved in world citizenship initiatives when working as volunteer for the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA). Among other initiatives and engagements, Luiz is also one of the delegates of UNESCO's "Man and Biosphere Programme". 


David Joshua Delos Reyes
Director for Social Cohesion and Inclusion

David is a post-graduate student at University of New South Wales studying Master of Development Studies. He is the Chairman of the Filipino Student Council of NSW. He finished his undergraduate at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Economics. He is from Sultan Kudarat-Cotabato province in the Philippines, which is known for decades of armed conflicts and displacements. This narrative inspired him to do his Masters' thesis on laws and policies research related to internal displacements in the Philippines. He worked as a research analyst before pursuing higher education in Australia.


David is an active student and community leader: He was the president of the Filipino Student Society of UNSW and was the Speaker Director for UNSW’s ASEAN Conference in 2020. He is the chairperson of a student-led Filipino Student Council of New South Wales and have actively led programs that support social cohesion, promotion of student welfare and humanitarian endeavours. After his Masters, David aims to study law to equip himself in tackling global issues related to forced migration, climate change and human rights.


Sophia Cianne Maranan

Director, Model Global Parliament

Sophia is a commerce and law student at the University of Sydney. She is the President of the Filipino Student Society of the University of Sydney and an active member of the Sydney University Law Society. Driven by her passion for learning, Sophia hopes to expand her knowledge of human rights and ultimately utilise her skills to promote discourse of global human rights issues among the youth.

Charlene Cai.jpg

Charlene (Chujing Cai)

Director, Community Engagement

Charlene is a law practitioner, a member of the NSW Law Society and Effective Altruism Sydney. Before she completed her Juris Doctor degree at the University of New South Wales, she studied English Chinese advanced translation and interpreting, and worked as a freelance translator and interpreter at international conferences in Guangzhou, China. Charlene also has a journalism degree and worked as a journalist and editor in Guangzhou. She recently graduated with an MBA degree and running a Facebook Page: How Law Brings Business. Charlene is passionate about global peace and sustainable development. When she was a student, she actively participated in Model UN, Model Parliament events. Becoming a young professional, she aims to utilise her skills and experience in law, languages, and journalism to make the world a better place.

Mai Ni Pham.jpg

Mai Ni Pham

Director, Educational Programs and Student Engagement

Maini Pham is currently the Vice President of Economics and Business Educators NSW, an active teachers’ association focused on professional development, networking, and advocacy. Maini uses her economics and educational qualifications and her passion for lifelong learning in her instructional role as Deputy Principal for talented and gifted secondary students. Being fascinated with ideas and learning herself, she has supplemented her qualifications with a wide range of other studies from Design Processes and Business Information Technology to Leadership.

Maini has mentored students to successful achievements in global competition such as the 2021 Microsoft AI Imagine Cup Challenge, International Ethics Olympiad, and World Scholar's Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale University. She enjoys collaborating with educators and students to try to solve "wicked" problems such as climate change, COVID 19, and access to clean water with a human rights lens. Maini is always looking for opportunities for students to work on human rights-based projects and programs that develop creative and ethical reasoning.

Job Marco Sauler.jpeg

Job Marco Sauler

Director, Digital Media and Technology Management

Job is a Business Analyst and innovative business development leader with unwavering desire to expand skillset and drive positive change.He Demonstrates a capacity to ease development of comprehensive strategies via shrewd business analysis to accurately identify needs and areas for improvement. He is adept in leveraging cross-functional collaboration and Agile/Scrum methodologies to ensure timeous and first-rate fulfilment of objectives.


Job is a compelling communicator with expertise in relaying high-level information to key stakeholders. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, process automation, and data visualisation programs.

Job is currently working for the Department of Health Ministry as a Business Analyst - Digital and is studying postgraduate studies as a Juris Doctor at the University of NSW.

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