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Campaign for a Pacific Islands Community


Directors: Chris Hamer and Pera Wells

There is an ongoing trend around the world towards regional integration, following the example of the European Union (EU). We see this as a step on the way towards global integration, and a trend to be welcomed and encouraged. In our region, the future of the Pacific Islands Forum which comprises 18 Pacific Island states including Australia and New Zealand, has been under ongoing discussion The possibility of forming a Pacific Islands Community or common market has been raised, and even a South Pacific Union, or political community, following broadly the track marked out by the EU. The idea of a Pacific Union was raised by Sir Peter Cosgrove, our former Governor-General. We will continue to support new initiatives along these lines whenever we can, as a major focus of our World Citizens Association - see more here. This is a more local issue where we can perhaps have more impact and see more immediate outcomes than on more global issues.

At the Sir Paul Hasluck Oration in Melbourne in 2013, Peter Cosgrove, stated: "If we do embark in something positive, significant and transformational with our friends in our closer neighbourhood, then we really will have contributed greatly to peace and security in the region”.


Peter Cosgrove wants Australia to foster an EU style approach in the Pacific. AAP/Alan Porritt

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