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National Workplace Sexual Harassment Survey

Dear friends and supporters,

Today I will be speaking at the National Press Club and releasing the findings of the fifth national survey to investigate the prevalence, nature and reporting of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

The Time for Respect report shows that sexual harassment is still unacceptably common in Australian workplaces, with one in three people experiencing sexual harassment at work in the last five years.

Certain groups continue to experience workplace sexual harassment at higher rates than the national average, and there is still a distinct gender divide in who experiences harassment and who harassers tend to be. It is also concerning that the rate of reporting remains low, at 18%.

The report comes as the federal government, industries and workplaces continue to implement all 55 recommendations from the Commission’s Respect@Work Report. The results reinforce the need for full implementation, including the positive duty on employers to implement measures to prevent sexual harassment that has just this week become law.

I invite you to read the report detailing the survey’s findings, which provides vital information about the scale of workplace sexual harassment and the need for prevention and response initiatives.

My speech to the National Press Club, in addition to presenting the report’s findings, will also reflect on my term as Commissioner and Australia’s progress on addressing workplace sexual harassment. I invite you to view it live at 12:30 AEDT on ABC News 24, or afterwards via ABC iView or YouTube.

You might also like to share the report or speech via social media from the Commission’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kate Jenkins

Sex Discrimination Commissioner

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