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A principal purpose of the Institute under its founder The Venerable Dr Thich Minh Tam was to secure the establishment of a high-profile Centre for Global Governance and International Peace, involving several universities in the Sydney region and beyond. The Centre was planned to undertake world-class academic research and teaching on topics associated with democratic global governance and the concept of a global parliament. The plan was to also engage in community outreach to relevant peace groups and others in the Sydney region on an inclusive and interfaith basis, as well as supporting advocacy campaigns aiming towards a global parliament.


We are well on the way to implementing the original plan which has evolved into the Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance. We are mindful of being true to the original dynamic spirit of engagement and intellectual rigour with programs that reflect the objectives and goals of promoting global peace and sustainable governance.

Model Global Parliament Program

Community Engagement

Schools education program

Coalition for a World Community of Democracies

Pacific Islands Community

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