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We celebrated our rich cultural diversity to mark the International Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. 

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Halina sa Barangay was a wonderful celebration of Filipino-Australian community engagement. The Filipino community was delighted and privileged to share its cuisine with the guests. There was a lot of laughter and friendship. It was also a memorable occasion to acknowledge Filipino-Australians for their outstanding service.










Jose Relunia Jr OAM  Violi Calvert and Nonoy Perdon for their outstanding contribution to the Filipino-Australian community.



Our talented IGPSG Management Committee spoke brilliantly about the purpose of the event - to raise funds for KAPWA (which means “together” in Tagalog) to establish a peer-to-peer support group among international students, managed

by students for students.


Our KAPWA Program is led by our IGPSG  Management Committee: 

Charlene Cai, Director, Community Engagement

David Joshua Delos Reyes, Director for Social Cohesion and Inclusion

Sophia Maranan, Assistant Director, Social Cohesion and Inclusion


Maraming salamat po!



Our on-line Trivia Event was a lot of fun! Thank you to all who joined.
Winners of the $100 JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards:
Maini Pham
David Joshua Delos Reyes
Chris Leong

Event_From Summit for Democracy to League of Democracies.jpg

From a Summit for Democracy to a League of Democracies
Free Webinar
November 30, 2021
10.30-11.30am EST – 16.30-17.30 CET
Register here to join the Zoom Webinar.

[For those who are unable to join us live for the event, a link to a recording of the event will be made available on our website at, or via the Global Democracy Coalition Forum on December 7th]

Democracy is facing multiple challenges, from social media-driven fake news to foreign interference in elections. Ever since the events of 9/11, democracy and human rights have been in retreat across the world according to Freedom House. At the same time, Western democracies see their power and confidence declining relative to China and other emerging countries. Deep rifts have emerged in the relations between the West and both Russia and China, sometimes reminiscent of the Cold War.

Meanwhile, humanity faces the short-term crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and long-term challenge of climate change. Against this backdrop several world leaders – including President Biden, Prime Minister Johnson and NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg – have recently voiced support for greater collaboration between the world’s democracies. For some, the emphasis is on repairing democracy internally. For others, it is to tighten the bonds among democracies in order to tackle global challenges and engage China and Russia from a position of strength.

This webinar will explore the idea of building on President Biden’s Summit for Democracy to create a permanent forum among the world’s democracies to tackle global challenges.

Our panel consists of advocates of several versions of this idea: a D10, a concert of democracies, alliance of democracies or community of democracies. They will discuss the following questions: What would be the purposes of such a community of democracies? What would be its value-added compared to existing intergovernmental organizations? Which countries would qualify as democracies? Wouldn’t such a community worsen the tensions between democracies and China and Russia?

This event is sponsored by the Coalition for a World Security Community, a global organization advocating for a community of the world’s democracies to promote peace and security and tackle other global challenges.

• John Ikenberry, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
• Ash Jain, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
• Mariam Chikhladze, Researcher and Election Integrity Fellow, Alliance of Democracies Foundation
• Tiziana Stella, Executive Director, Streit Council
• Didier Jacobs, Vice-President, Coalition for a World Security Community

• Richard Ponzio, Director of Just Security 2020, Stimson Center



[Forum, 7 Dec, 10:00 EST] Democracy's promise: #SpeakYouthtoPower by Global Democracy Coalition. Click on the link below for more information and registration.


[recorded events]. CGS 2021 Annual Conference: pathways to world federation by Citizens for Global Solutions.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


(online event, 24 Nov, 4pm AEDT) The state of democracy in Asia and the Pacific Report Launch by International IDEA. For more information and registration, click HERE

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Global Week for a World Parliament

Global Week for a World Parliament" will be held this Thursday, October 21st. This event, aimed at promoting the creation of a World Parliament, is organized by Democracia Global together with Young World Federalists and Democracy Without Borders.

During the event, representatives of the first (2019) and second (2021) edition of the Model that seeks to create a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations (UNPA) will present their bills. We will also be joined by Smita Singh, Coordinator of Academic Relations of the UNPA Model (India), Alec Neilly, student at Northeastern University and Tomás Molina, president of Democracy Without Borders in Spain.

In addition, the Open Letter will be presented, addressed to world leaders in support of the creation of a democratic parliament in defense of equality and plurality of voices.

Through this email, we would like to have your presence at the "Global Week for a World Parliament", which will be held virtually on October 21st, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. (IST), 9:30 a.m. (Argentina), 8:30 a.m. (New York), 11.00pm (Australia), 2.30pm (Berlin) and can be seen through Zoom (see details below)


 11.00pm Australia, 21 October 2021 


Kep Enderby Memorial Lecture.jpg
The Citizens for Global Solutions Annual Conference 
10.30am AEDT
Friday, 12 November 2021
via Zoom.

by Citizens for Global Solutions


This year’s conference theme is, Paths to a World
Federation: Initial Inspirations & Current Strategies. We have invited leaders of
5 ‘paths’ that appear prominently in the historical literature of the World Federalist
Movement and continue until today. These are:
• UN Charter Review - Shahr-yar Sharei
• The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly - Andreas Bummel
• Integrating the Regions - Fernando Iglesias
• Uniting the Democracies - Chris Hamer
• Creating a World Constitution - Glen T. Martin

Keeping with the theme of the conference, we are asking each speaker to touch on
the following points, at least briefly:
• The origin of that path
• How thinking about that path has evolved over the years
• The current work/strategies you are employing

Climate Reality Project.png

Blue Pacific to Glasgow Forum Report

Pacific nations refuse to be the canary in the climate coal mine

Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama

By Nick O'Malley

SMH, October 6, 2021 — 7.30pm

Pacific Island nations are tired of reiterating their people’s suffering and applauding their resilience in the face of climate change and will demand real action from developed nations at upcoming climate talks, Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has warned.

“We refuse to be the proverbial canaries in the world’s coal mine, as we are so often called,” said Mr Bainimarama in an angry but poised speech at the forum hosted by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to discuss the November COP26 climate talks in Glasgow.

“We want more of ourselves than to be helpless songbirds whose demand serves as a warning to others.”

He called on Pacific nations not to allow world leaders to “sneak in and out of Glasgow without making a single serious commitment.”

Mr Bainimarama said Pacific Island nations will demand that, at Glasgow, wealthier countries make good on the commitment they made during the Paris talks to extend to developing nations $US100 billion in finance annually for climate adaptation and mitigation; and to commit to emission cuts that keep the 1.5-degree warming target within reach.

“That is our expectation for every nation, Australia and New Zealand included,” said Mr Bainimarama, adding that the difference between 1.5 degrees and 2 degrees was the difference between life and death for millions.

“Our actions will decide whether islands exist or are lost to the rising seas.”

Addressing the forum, the former United States vice-president Al Gore called on all nations, but specifically Australia, the US and New Zealand, to cut their emissions in half by 2030.

“The science tells us that the only way to keep the 1.5 degree target ... is if we cut global emissions in half by 2030,” he said.

Australia has committed to cuts of 26 to 28 per cent by 2030, the US to 50 per cent and New Zealand to 30 per cent.

Pacific Island nations have proved to be formidable negotiators at United Nations climate talks.

Their lobbying saw the world adopt the 1.5-degree target at the Paris talks after they formed a voting bloc with smaller nations of the Caribbean and Africa before winning the support of the European Union and eventually the United States.

Since the UN’s August report showing the accelerating pace of climate change, Mr Bainimarama’s language on the issue has become stronger.

“This crisis is ours to own and ours to solve,” he said after the report was published. “By the time leaders come to Glasgow at COP26, it has to be with immediate and transformative action ... Come with commitments for serious cuts in emissions by 2030 – 50 per cent or more. Come with commitments to become net-zero before 2050. Do not come with excuses. That time is past.”



Samoan Prime Minister Fiamē Naomi Mataʻafa described the Glasgow talks as the world’s “point of no return” on climate, and also called for concrete commitments on reductions and finance in line with the Paris accord during a second forum hosted by the Australia Institute on Wednesday.

In Australia, the cost of natural disasters is expected to climb from $38 billion on average each year to $73 billion per year by 2060 due to climate change, even if the world manages to rein in emissions, according to a new report by Deloitte Access Economics.

Under a high emissions scenario, in which the world would warm by 3 degrees above pre-industrial levels, that figure would climb to $94 billion.

Warming has already reached 1.1 degrees, and even if existing pledges were met the world is on track for around 2.7 degrees warming.

To find out more information and exclusive access to the forum, visit the website by clicking here.

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The Australian Baha'i Community warmly invites you and representatives of your organisation to attend the third annual National Social Cohesion and Inclusion Conference. 


This past year the global health crisis has affected us all and caused many to reflect on our way of life. We have grown increasingly conscious of how interconnected we are. How does this heightened sense of interconnectedness find expression in our efforts to be a more inclusive and socially cohesive society? How do we move from an acceptance of diversity towards harmonisation? How do we invite the participation of growing numbers in a collective conversation? The conference will provide a space to explore themes such as these. 


Keynote Speaker:

Pastor Ray Minniecon


Presenters and Panellists Include:

Australian Human Rights Commission - Race Discrimination Team

Penny Taylor - Race Relations Researcher, University of Tasmania

Fred Murray Community Centre

Multicultural NSW

Youth PoWR

Register to Attend


Presenters at the forefront of thinking and experience will share insights from which all can benefit to shape future action and refine current endeavours. Ample time has been allocated to enable interaction between the audience and presenters during Q&A. All those attending will be encouraged to actively participate and offer insights and experience during intimate small group discussions as part of the program.

Date: 12 October 2021

Time: 10 am - 1 pm AEDT


Conference sessions:

Session 1: Oneness, Inclusion & Diversity (Opening & Keynote Address, and Q&A)
Session 2: Creating spaces for constructive and unifying dialogue (Panel Discussion and Q&A)
Session 3: Sharing Insights and Experiences (Workshop & Plenary)

Register to Attend


Registrations Close 5 October 2021

Empower Me Forum

The Coronavirus restrictions has affected our schedule for this forum. However, we are optimistic that the forum will definitely be held in early February 2022. This free forum will be by registration only. Watch out for updates!

The Empower Me Forum is proudly sponsored by the
Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance
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